Have Fun With Carnival Themed Weddings

I know, I know, many of you have just cringed at the title and at the mere thought of having Carnival Themed Weddings but trust me on this one people! Carnival Themed Weddings can be the most amazing, fun-filled weddings ever. Obviously, this idea won’t inspire the sophisticated lot but if you’re the kind who loves doing bizarre stuff just for the sake of having fun from it, then you’re going to love this wedding idea.

While planning Carnival Themed Weddings, try to keep things balanced. Although you’re following a carnival theme, but you still want it to look like a wedding and not like a circus. Use all the colors that you find pretty and fresh. Abstain from using the dull ones. The bride can either go with the traditional white gown or she can add different colors to her wedding dress to be part of the theme. A colorful frilly frock with a little hat or net would be a great idea to pull this off. The groom would look very handsome in the usual tuxedo.

carnival themes weddings 1

Clowns, colorful flyers, outdoor venue, balloons, floral arrangement are all you need to add that “fun” element in your wedding. Since it’s a Carnival Themed Wedding, therefore, don’t forget to have lots of candies and sweets for your guests. You can even dedicate a table just for the candies. Name that table “Sweet Corner” and ask your guests to come over. Place colorful notes on that table and ask your guests to write their wishes for you. Treat your guests with popcorn, muffins, drinks, crisps and all kinds of junk food our mummy has always tried to stop us from.

carnival themes weddings 2

Have some amazing games for your guests too. Don’t forget to have the famous carnival ring toss game and the carnival photo booth game. Set up different kinds of stalls to make it look more like a Carnival. Have a blast!

carnival themes weddings 3


Amigos! Have a Spanish Wedding Theme

Spanish culture is all about love and romance and wouldn’t it be great to have a Spanish Wedding Theme for your wedding? The theme would create the perfect, dreamy environment required for your perfect, lovely wedding. If Spanish culture inspires you and you’re unable to plan your wedding in Spain then maybe we can help you out a little. We have the perfect ideas that can help you bring the Spanish essence in your wedding.

Spanish Wedding Theme is all about fancy laces, lovely fans, beautiful guitar music, warm sunshine, Flamenco dancing scrumptious chocolates and what not! The main colors include Red, Black and White, however, if you want you can add some more colors of your choice. Using teal color in your overall color scheme would be a great idea as it will balance down the loud Reds and the dark Blacks. Other than teal, you have the option of adding orange, lemon, saffron, or perhaps the lovely lime.

spanish 1

Decorate your wedding with lots of flowers and candles. Lighting will be a good idea too if the wedding is taking place at night. Hanging piñatas is a very famous tradition in Spain. It doesn’t even matter if there are no kids because adults enjoy this game too. You can have a couple of piñatas hung here and there.

spanish 2

The bridesmaids can use fans. Pretty fans with laces and embroideries are a must in Spanish parties. The bride can wear the traditional white wedding dress, there is no restriction about that. If you’re following a color scheme, let’s say teal or orange along with the original red, black and white, the bride can go full white and use orange colored flowers for her bouquet.

When the wedding comes to an end, treat your guests with yummy chocolate bars and churros. Your guests would love you for those delicious, creamy nutty bars.

spanish 3

Enjoy the heat with some cool wedding theme ideas for summer

Summers and weddings are probably meant for each other. Warm sunlight, cool breeze and fresh air create a romantic aura for the newly wed couple. If you’re planning your weddings in Summers then we have the perfect wedding theme ideas for Summers.

Go Royal:

Always dreamed to get swept off your feet by your Prince Charming in a princess gown? Well, why not make your dream come true on your most special occasion? Select a beautiful gown for yourself, choose a stunning  tiara, order a yummy chocolate cake coated with sparkle sugar, hire a ballroom and have your Cinderella dream come true. Look beautiful, eat loads and enjoy! After all, you don’t get married every day now, do you?

wedding theme ideas for summer royal

Have a Country Theme:

If pomp and show isn’t your style, then maybe you can go for a nice, laid-back country theme. Either head towards the South or bring the country theme to your home. Beautiful stallions, cowboy hats, country music, lots of food, what else can you ask from life? Have some hay too to add to the overall effect and prepare a delicious barbecue for your guests. It would be great if you get hold of a bar too, in this way, you can use that bar as your wedding reception.

wedding theme ideas for summer country

Beat the heat with a Beach Wedding:

Nothing can be more romantic than to have a beach wedding. If you have a beach anywhere near you, then it would be the wisest decision of your life to plan a Beach wedding theme. Have a stress free, outdoor wedding with good music, romantic weather, bonfire at night with roasted oyster and tons of friendly chit chats. Wear a casual, loose knee-length dress or go for short skirt with comfortable flip flops. The groom can wear a casual T-shirt with nice Bermudas.

wedding theme ideas for summer beach

Hope you enjoy these wedding theme ideas for Summers. Have a blast!

Have a Perfect New York Wedding Theme

Yes! A New York Wedding Theme. Sounds crazy, right? But no so crazy to people who like to stand out from the crowd, who like doing bizarre things on the streets at 3 in the morning and who believe in making every moment count. So, for all those people out there; New York Wedding Theme can just be the perfect wedding theme for you and your spouse-to-be.

new york 2

So, from where to get started? There are a lot of ideas that you can use when it comes to having New York Wedding Theme. First of all, Decide a color scheme for your wedding. You can either go for a combination or you can have one color as the main color and incorporate all other colors into it. For example, you can go with New York’s official color scheme; red, blue and white. A combination of shocking pink and orange has also been the all-time favorite color when it comes down to this wedding theme. Choose your color scheme according to your taste.

new york 3

The next thing is to include all the ideas that are particularly related to Americans and their lifestyles. For example, at your wedding, you can have all the tables named after some of the legendary figures or personalities from the past. You can also name them after the famous landmarks or places in New York. Your cake can be a customized one, that can have the famous “I ❤ NY” written on it. You can also hand out “I ❤ NY” T-shirts to your guests. Try having an American influenced menu for your wedding, for example, having American pie in the dessert. Since BBQs are very famous in America, you can also have a BBQ party at the end of the ceremony. Have lots of balloons and streamers in your wedding. You can also have a cocktail party and have wine glasses stacked together to form a pyramid as a centerpiece for each of the guests’ table. Enjoy!

new york 1

Have a Romantic Wedding Theme for Your Wedding

Weddings are the most sacred occasions where two people vow to live their entire life with the other person, to be there for the other person no matter what the circumstances are, to look after each other and to love each other till death do them apart. How can such a beautiful event take place without incorporating a romantic wedding theme in it? Beautiful candles, red roses, classy reception are all you need to make this wedding, a forever memorable one.

Red has always held vital importance in Romantic Wedding Theme. Red is the color of love and passion and speaks for itself. Therefore, every wedding theme always has a tinge of red in them. For romantic wedding theme, you can have a red floral arrangement, either have a full red rose theme or have red roses together with other flowers; tulips, lilies, etc. so you don’t end up having too much red color around you. Either way, you’ll have a lush floral décor that will leave your guests spellbound.

romantic 2

The bride can either go with the traditional look; white gown or can go for a red wedding dress. The white wedding dress can have small red roses attached to it on the hem or a red belt around the waist. The bride can also use red roses for her bouquet to match the overall Romantic Wedding Theme. The groom can always use red tie and there you are, a perfect wedding couple.

romantic 1

You can also use hearts in your wedding. Good music being played on a piano together with guests enjoying rich, tasty chocolates, graceful and elegant dances and candle night dinner is all you need to pull off this wedding. Make sure you have the perfect lightning; neither too bright nor too dark.

romantic 3

Mermaid Wedding Dresses Brighten Your Utah Wedding

From: http://www.tbdress.com/HappyDay/Photo-Mermaid-Wedding-Dresses-Brighten-Your-Utah-Wedding-Image-16128.html

It may be one of the most exciting moments to choose perfect wedding dresses for your Utah wedding. Every bride looks forward to finding the right and stylish one that fits her taste and the theme of special day. Mermaid wedding dress must be a correct option for any body type. Just as its name implies, mermaid gowns imitate the shape of the mermaid. This curvaceous wedding dress style expresses elegance and glamour with its fitted top, waist and a flaring at the knees. Mermaid style dresses will make all brides look more amazing and fashionable in the Utah weddings.

Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme: A perfect way to add style and elegance

Who doesn’t want a perfect wedding? A wedding that people would talk about and remember for ages? The answer is, EVERYONE. So, for everyone who thinks that way, we have a little something that can add that elegance and style in your wedding that you have always dreamed of; a wedding with a Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme.


Blue is the color that adds that desired sophistication and grace. Classic blue with a tinge of white is all you need to create that perfect aura of grandeur and magnificence. Other than white, there are many more colors that you can have in contrast with a Tiffany Blue Wedding theme. You can add pink, black, red, yellow and even green – turquoise more appropriately, to have perfect wedding theme ideas for summers.

The next question, “How and where to use this Tiffany Blue Wedding theme?” Everyone knows that the most significant elements in the overall wedding are the bride and groom’s wedding dresses. Start with these elements first. The bride can either go with a full turquoise dress or if she wants to have a traditional white wedding gown then she can add a tinge of blue in it. The blue can either be added in the form a bouquet of turquoise flowers or white flowers in a Tiffany blue satin holder.  The groom can have a Tiffany blue colored tie or a flower in his breast pocket.


Having Tiffany blue table clothes or Tiffany blue napkins folded tied in napkin rings is a sure way to win your guests’ hearts. The wedding cake can resemble the classic Tiffany blue symbol: a Tiffany blue box having a white ribbon round it. You can also have your invitation cards printed in Tiffany blue color and have them send in beautiful Tiffany blue and white boxes.