A Special Movie Themed Wedding

A wedding means a lot to both men an women for it is serious and scared. So, having a unique and unforgettable wedding is necessary. I strongly recommend you the Hollywood movie themed wedding to you.

Base plan for wedding

Take glamorous inspiration from movies such as Harry Potter series or The Great Gatsby. Choose your favourite Hollywood movie and use it as a base plan for the themes for wedding.


Design of invitation card

Your invitation card should look like a Hollywood movie ticket. You can get it designed in a vintage or contemporary looks. For giving a Hollywood movie ticket looks to your invitation cards, choose a metallic paper, the metallic paper adds a shimmer and gives a festive flair to the card. Type in the words and insert the pictures on this vibrant paper to give it a crisp professional look. You can choose any colour for the card. If you are a fan of early movies than go with black and white theme, but if the recent glamour of Hollywood inspires you more than copy the red carpet colour. You can customize your card as per the style of movie that you have picked as a base plan to be used as themes for wedding.

Spread the word

Let your family and friends know about the movie theme in advance. Spread the word about the movie on which the theme for your wedding be based on. Inform all about your plans, much in advance of the event. Advance information will give the family and friends proper time to buy dresses and accessories which match with the famous movie characters.

Red carpet walk


Last but not the least suggestion for the Hollywood movies theme for a wedding is to arrange a red carpet walk for your family, friends and guests. Hire cameramen as paparazzi.

Book a movie theater

The best place to celebrate a wedding based on the theme of Hollywood movie is a movie theatre. Plan to book a real theatre for the big day. But if the theatre is unavailable, then do all the arrangements to make the reception hall of the place that you booked to look like a theatre. Decorate the reception areas with movie posters; use the movie characters name instead of numerical figures to identify the seats.

If glamour, photo shop session, formal dresses and red carpet attract you, then you can easily adopt the Hollywood movies style as themes for weddings. The movies themes for wedding bring in the elements of fun and elegance to the event.



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