Wise Choice for Your Unique Wedding

Weeding is a common but scared ceremony in our lives. We must experienced some different weddings more or less. As food lover, I always pay more attention to the wedding food, especially the colorful and attractive snacks. And I think there must be many people like me. Here are few of the alternatives to cake at themed weddings:

Cookies: If there is anything that can truly diversify the option of cakes at themed weddings then that is ‘cookies’. Filled with lots of cream, butter and fresh fruits, the cookies add more style to the reception buffet. Cookies can be served alone or can be served in combination with wine and champagne. From traditional chocolaty to recent pecan tassies, you have an ample choice of cookies to be picked and served at your wedding.


Ice cream: Who can deny that the charm of chilly ice cream makes anyone forget the taste of standard wedding cakes? There can be nothing more refreshing than an ice cream treat to the guests at receptions. If the wedding reception falls in any of the summer month, than you have all the more reasons to cancel the order with a cake baker and hire an ice cream bartender as its alternate. Your guests will enjoy ice cream all the more if you get it served with an unlimited choice of toppings, flavors, tastes and style to match their taste. Served in cups and designer glasses, the ice cream sundaes add a lot of charm to the event.

Spun sugar: The sweetness of spun sugar and cotton candy will make the guests carve for more of it. It is the unusual but a great idea to replace the cake and choose to serve spun sugar in its place. Snow cones dipped well in chocolate can be the main flavor at your themed wedding.

Pies: The crusty chocolaty, fruit filled pies provides the same flavor as a cake does. A topping of lemon and cream makes the pies extra delicious and makes the guests forget the carving of cake. Even the choosy eaters will not leave the function without praising your choice of pies as an alternate for wedding cake.


A wedding cake is not only a food for people to eat, but also a great decoration on the ceremony. A well-chosen will show the atmosphere of a wedding. Thought of skipping a cake is quiet unusual for the guests at the function who consider it as a most common sweetener at wedding reception. But there are many ideas that if incorporated in place of standard cakes, can go extremely well with the party goers. I really hope you can find something you like  in the above information and you can make your wedding more successful.



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