Mermaid Wedding Dresses Brighten Your Utah Wedding


It may be one of the most exciting moments to choose perfect wedding dresses for your Utah wedding. Every bride looks forward to finding the right and stylish one that fits her taste and the theme of special day. Mermaid wedding dress must be a correct option for any body type. Just as its name implies, mermaid gowns imitate the shape of the mermaid. This curvaceous wedding dress style expresses elegance and glamour with its fitted top, waist and a flaring at the knees. Mermaid style dresses will make all brides look more amazing and fashionable in the Utah weddings.


Gorgeous Tiaras for Utah Weddings


Tiaras are a beautiful ornament a girl wears from a very young age; when she dresses up as a princess and fairy. After that, wearing a tiara becomes a dream that she wants to fulfill on her special day; her wedding day. Live your dream for Utah Weddings by wearing a tiara and looking gorgeous. A Key feature to look out for when picking your tiara is to see if it goes with your jewellery e.g.) if you’re going to be wearing diamond jewellery then a tiara featuring diamonds would look perfect, or if its pearl jewellery then be sure to choose a tiara containing pearls. Just for your Utah Weddings.

The Element of Wedding Shower Themes

Wedding shower is a great to memorize the most important of your live. Successful wedding shower themes can leave you a unique and unforgettable memory. Wine tasting, a party at river cruise, a fun filled day at beach side are some of the hottest trends being included as a theme for shower. These are ideas which guests really talk about and admire.

Retro shower

A retro style wedding shower theme, inspired by the great 50’s is a great fun for the bride and her friends. Gift a vintage car to bride; fill in the car with retro hats and sunglasses. Let the bride take her friends to a beach side to celebrate the event in retro style theme.


Spa shower

What else can make the day extra special except gifting a spa package to the bride? Spa will diffuse the stress of wedding planning and provide lots of relaxation to the beautiful bride. The spa invitation could well be served to the bride’s friends as well. For this purpose, you could either rent out a spa salon or arrange an in-home spa services. The spa shower wedding theme can be complemented with spa goody bag as gifts for the bride’s friends.


Cooking is another best wedding shower theme which can be enjoyed in gathering of family and friends. A cooking session from master chef can be arranged for the bride and her friends. A kitchen lesson will help all to enjoy making the great dishes like the sushi rolls. Chopping, grilling and flavoring makes the day interesting. Taste for good cooking and eating can be complemented by offering gifts to the bride.


Create your own designs

Working on arts and craft and creating own design on shower day is best ideas to celebrate it. Things which could be artistically worked on includes arranging the flowers or creating own scrubs for facial. Score in by making beautiful floral arrangements and impress the guests by indulging in fragrances face masks. Present the flowers and scrubs to guests as favors.

Wedding shower is a popular way to celebrate a wedding. It is often composed of theme design, cooking, shower and so on. Along with the rise in popularity of unique wedding themes, the importance of wedding shower themes have also increased.

Tips on Choosing Homecoming Dresses 2013?

Traditional dress style emphasizes on women’ s delicate and graceful waist, exaggerates the skirt under hips and fully reveals shoulder, chest and arm, leaving enough showing space for the gorgeous jewelry. For example, low-neckline dress uses strong decorative design to highlight the noble grace and gives priority to inlay, embroidery, fine plait at the collar, luxuriant lace, bowknot and roses, offering other people a classical and orthodox impression.

1. Small and Slim Women

Small and slim women would better wear the high waist dress made of yarn with pleats at the waist to modify the body figure. They should avoid too fluffy skirt and exaggerated cuff design. The upper body can have more changes. Low V waistline is highly recommended to them so as to lengthen their legs.

2. Slim and Tall Women

Slim and tall women are natural clothing shelves. They can try on any style of dress, especially the hip hugging wedding dress with a long train.

3. Plump Women

Plump women would better wear dresses with straight line cutting. The thin flat lace flowers are suitable to be used as the decorations at the hem. Busty women should not choose high-collar style. Also, the design of the waist and the skirt should avoid being too complicated.


Homecoming dresses are produced for western social activities such as the homecoming party. The length of these dresses varied much. The fabrics used are flowing, hang down and the black is the most decent color for such dresses. The styles of homecoming dresses 2013 are different from each other. The western-style dress shows women’ s charm, while Chinese style dress is elegant, revealing the unique Oriental charm. Also, there are new styles that combine Chinese and western fashion trends. The collocation of these dresses should be those fashion items which are elegant, showily, exaggerated and be able to highlight feminine features.

Homecoming dress is the dress worn during the homecoming time. It is one of the most popular dress style under the category of ladies dress and it fully shows individual character.

Use Purple Wedding Themes in your Ceremony

Wedding invitations are always considered as an attraction for the guests to any ceremony. So, one best feature of the purple wedding themes is the variety of shades that can be used in the invitations card of wedding ceremony. Dark purple printing on the paper of ivory color can make the best invitation card for a wedding with the purple theme. Wedding favors in purple color are the way to please your guests as well as show your passion for the purple color. The purple color can also be used to wrap these favors.

The decoration has always been a difficult task for arrangements of a wedding. In a purple wedding theme, the items used for the decoration must be used in the purple color. Nothing can be more enchanting and refreshing than floral arrangement of purple color. This provides you with much unique floral decoration. Some of these flowers include lilies, phlox, sweat peas, iris, freesia, tulips and asters. Cupids or hearts of silver and golden color can be used as additional decoration for some glitter. This decoration is economical as well as beautiful to add up to the beauty of the purple theme of your wedding.


Purple color is considered as the most regal, romantic and fresh color. Moreover, the purple color flatters to all tones of the skin. This is why purple color is given a lot of priority in wedding preparations and arrangements. Different themes are now being introduced with special effects of purple color to enhance the glamour and charm of the wedding function.

There are different shades of purple color, all of which can be used on wedding functions. The thing that decides which shade of purple is to be used in the wedding theme is mainly time of the year in which wedding is being organized. The shades of purple used in the spring are lavender and lilac. In summer, bright hues of purple color are mostly used. Similarly, dark purple and royals are mainly used for fall and winter season. Mixing these shades is also a very good idea to make the purple wedding themes look more colorful and fresh. In this way, you can add colors and elegance to your purple theme for wedding. Another idea for making the purple theme enhanced is to add other colors into purple colors. Silver, ivory, cream, gold, lemon yellow and lime green are the best to be used with shades of purple.


Creative Ideas for Wedding Table Decoration

Guests always gather in the table on a wedding, and good table decoration will give a good impression on the guests. A better table decoration should fit the whole wedding theme. Still, we can do something creative to make tables attractive.

Floating candles: Bowls with floating flowers and candles have always adored the reception of corporate and won appreciations. The same decoration can be used for summer wedding themes. The table can have chic settings with blows filled with rose petals and floating candles.


Garden Fresh at Tables: Tables for guests can be decorated with flowers of different varieties. Button tulips mix, bouquet of red and pink roses, bunch of calla lilies, perfumed freesia, dusty miller leaves, cattleya orchids, pale hibiscus, mimosa, slender delphiniums and many more are available to make the seating extra special. These flowers are the jewels of party.

Wish wreath: A wish wreath will work as a full entertainment for the guests. Arrange the wish wreath and keep it hidden from the guests. Engage them in a little game to find the wish wreath. Arrange small wish cards for all your guests on their table tops, tell them to write their wishes on the cards, and locate the hidden wish wreath to pin up their wishes.

Escort cards: Adorn the seats for guests with place cards. Attach the cards neatly on beautiful wine bottles or glasses kept on the table tops. Use cards in different shades. Use pink for the ladies and blue for the gentlemen.


White and Bold: A combination of white and bold wedding color theme for decorating the seating arrangements attracts all. White can be teamed up with many colors including red and blue. Showcase, white flower base and red flowers, white crockery and red napkins and see the praise that pours in.

Splash of Marigold: Covert your table style to a small cocktail bar. Line up the bottle of wines and champagnes. Adorn the place in between with marigold and orchids. Prepare it to reflect a sunny afternoon. Pick up clues from nature’s shades and sunlight. Use it on the table tops to showcase your creative talent.

Colorful ribbons: Hanging ribbons over the tables make a colorful display. A shade of pink, purple and yellow in a bright summer afternoon will look classic.


Choose a Pink Wedding Theme for Your Special Day

Pink wedding theme looks good in all seasons. So, you can use this theme in different ways using your unique and special ideas. You can use this color to make decorations in different ways. From the decorations of cars to the dresses, you can use this color in a complete wedding theme and enjoy the beautiful shades of pink in your special event.

Pink is such a versatile color that can be used in almost all events and goes with all skin tones. It is one of the most famous colors that are used for the dresses of bridesmaids. To enhance the theme, the guys in the wedding can wear pink ties with white shirts. Pink is such a shade that looks good on the people of all age groups. So, when arranging the decorations with pink shades, you can tell your guests about the theme of wedding and ask them to come in pink ties. Now, everyone in the party will come according to the theme color of the wedding.


Using too much pinky decorations and pink shades may look over decorated. You may use different contrast in pink to make the arrangements look decent and good looking. You can use different pink shades in bridal bouquet, wedding cake, and centerpiece and for other decorations of the event. You may use black or white to form the combinations with pink. Using white in the pink decorations will create elegant and classy look in the environment. Black in the pink decorations will bring modern and contemporary looks. You may try brown with the pink shades to bring an interestingly flirty and fun environment. All these combinations can be tried out in your pink wedding theme.

Pink wedding theme is the most preferred and loved theme couples love to have in their weddings. Pink is a romantic and a lovely color. There are so many shades in pink that can be used and combined to decorate the wedding location. Pastel pink and baby pink are the most common shades of pink that can be used in wedding themes. If you want to bring exciting and passionate environment in your wedding, you can choose the hot pink. For brides, it has always been a pleasure to use pink shades in their wedding decorations. So, if you are looking for some classy ideas to decorate according to this theme, you need to use moderate ideas.