Cheer up on Colorful Wedding

Different colors composes of our lives each of them holds their unique meanings. For example, red color means passion and energy, green colors symbolize live and rebirth, and white is the color of heaven, stands for purity and grace. We all have one or some of our favorite colors to show our different personalities. Then, what color should we choose on our wedding days. Here are some great color themed wedding ideas for you.

Blue color themes for a wedding


If the contemporary black and white do not attract you to be used as themes for a wedding, than you can use the brighter color such as blue. This color is an elegant choice for wedding decoration and accessories. No doubt that the groom will love this color. Blue combines the elements of freshness and fun. Blue gives a touch of brilliance to the theme and inspires trust. Blue can be beautifully combined with other colors such as white. Blue and white gives an icy feeling in hot summers. Blue can also be teamed up with lady pink. Blue is for inspiration and pink is for nature. Bride and her family can dress up in pink and Bridegroom and his family can dress up in pink. A combination of blue and pink add up warmth romance to the ceremony.

Vibrant color combination


For a vibrant combination of colors you can use blue and yellow or blue and purple in the wedding. Bold colors and prints will give a sixties feel to the event. A combination of blue and green create a feeling of wedding at some tropical paradise on earth. Observe nature and pick your favorite colors as themes for a wedding and create magical environment at the ceremony.

Black and White color themes for a wedding


To use color combination as a wedding theme falls under sophisticated yet modern ideas. For example, the color combination of black and white has always been admired among masses. This color combination when used for wedding will dramatize the event much to everyone liking. Invitation cards, accessories and decorations for event, favors for guests, dresses of bride and groom and eve the wedding cake and other eatables can be designed or made in the contemporary black and white style. Choosing mix and match of colors as themes for a wedding will give a fine touch of elegance to the ceremony as a whole. Black and White brings in style and simplicity. In this colorful world, adapt this offbeat style for your wedding and make the day memorable for one and all.